An Open Dock is an Open Apple

Apple has always been known for their policy on locking down computers and their devices, now Apple has announced that in the next update they will finally allow developers to use the dock connector. In the past the iPod Touch and iPhone haven’t gotten things such as a radio receiver, some say because it would challenge Apple’s music sales on iTunes, whether this is true or not now anything from a radio to a TV tuner is possible.
Also now there is possibility for a company to come out with a gaming device, it could look like a PSP and just let you dock the iPhone/iPod touch. Image buttons, and a extended battery to let you play on for hours. The only problem with this is that we would need a common version, so that all the game developers had a common set of buttons. The system is supposed to have the same power as a the Dreamcast, so let’s see the same gaming ability.

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