Quick Update

I have not written in a bit so I thought I would give a quick update. I haven’t had a lot of time recently to work on things because I was moving, and had to re-certify for Cisco. Cisco gave everyone 6 months additional time on certificates because of Covid last year (yay), but then I saw a reddit post that mentioned they had no extended the time between tests for multi test certs (booo). With a bit over a month left of time I studied for the CCNP Core Security cert and was able to pass. Now I have a CCNP “Enterprise” (the old Route and Switch) and a CCNP Security. The new Cisco cert system is very odd with each test being a “specialty” and then combinations of different tests adding up to other certs.

I have continued to play with the Mister FPGA. I never had an Amiga and there are some fun games for that system. A lot of the other games I have been laying on it are from my childhood, running the ao486 core. A bit ago I got another retro computer kit that will eventually be added to the list, but this one is a bit more involved. It is a full replica IBM 5170 motherboard. It needs soldered together, as well as add on cards found for it. Hopefully I will have more time for projects in the upcoming months, and at the same time I will try to do some more documentation of the current homelab.


    1. I subscribe to him! Good videos! I’m sure it’ll be an adventure, and I’m sure I’ll put too much time into picking each part. I hope the expensive graphics card market doesn’t go all the way back to the AT!

      1. three words of advice I’d give Adrian, (my comments are usually buried in an avalanche by the time I see his videos). SeaBIOS, “XTIDE Universal BIOS” and FreeDOS (3.1 or lower for 286). In short: FOSS. In general, Open Source specifically attempts to fix issues after the hardware stops being officially “supported”. Hunting down proprietary solutions for obsolete hardware gets old(pun intended). Connecting with people (like yourself!) in vintage computer and FOSS communities, from T-100 soldering firmware to Sergey Malinov designs and Scott Baker fans: priceless!

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