Game Review

Quick Game Review: Firewatch

Firewatch is a game I have had on my virtual shelf for a long time. I recently got a Steam Deck and figured I would give the game a try; the game is even “verified” for the Steam Deck. I went in not knowing anything about the story/game/art style. This is a story driven game, that through a quick opening scene puts you into the main character who is spending a summer in an old fire tower.

There are moments that the game feels action-y, like you have to get somewhere quickly, but in the end this game is similar to some others that fall into the “walking simulators” genre. Most of the game you are going point to point, and having the story unfold as you go. I went through the whole game in a little over 3 hours. I HIGHLY enjoyed it. The story was great and takes your actions/chats into account, changing the outcome as you go. There is also a way to play though the game with creator commentary on. You play the game again like normal, but around the map see stands that are commentary points. Shortly after finishing the game for the first time, I started another playthrough with this on. You know a game has to be good when years after it was created it still has an active subreddit.

I would recommend this game, but parts of the story are sad, so be prepared for that. At its standard price of $20 USD I think it is worth it; but this game also goes on sale regularly. I was excited to see that the developer of this game was planning another game, a new one set in Egypt. Then it turned out the company got bought by Valve and are all now on different projects.

(Art from fans on the subreddit)