HTML5 Practice

One project I had the idea for and played around with is a Time Manager. I wanted to be able to track events and how much time I spent on different things. The problem is that I have a thousand classes and have to finish up things for the semester, so I put a few hours into this and I am going to shelf it for now.

A cool aspect of this (along with hindrance) is the system uses Web SQL, this is a HTML5 system; instead of using a MySQL or other centralized SQL database, your local browser is the SQL server. There are limitations to this, including the spec is new and limited. Along with it only seems to work in Chrome, Safari, and Opera; I have a spot in the code so if it fails to connect to a local data store it can switch to a more traditional method but I never got to that. It also tracks modified items to eventually it could sync those items to a central server, but that never got completed so its not in the github. Everything loads on one page and uses Javascript heavily to modify that page. I put facebook login in the system, I wanted a login system that I didnt have to worry about and I have never used facebook login before.

You can check it out at along with all the code at


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