Combining CAS and LDAP

After going over CAS and LDAP, I thought I would do an example where both are used together. I have some software like this, it allows users to log in and then LDAP can go and get their full name. The example is mostly the CAS example with some LDAP added on. All I did was add on the LDAP code into the section where a user is logged into CAS. I use CAS to get the username of the user and feed it into LDAP. Below is the new index of the CAS example, nothing else is changed:

//Dan Berkowitz LDAP tutorial, May 2013,

// SSL!
phpCAS::setCasServerCACert(“./CACert.pem”);//this is relative to the cas client.php file

if (phpCAS::isAuthenticated())

$LDAPCON = ldap_connect(“”); //Have to be internal to VCC or VCC firewall will block
$LDAPBIND = ldap_bind($LDAPCON);
$ResultArray = Array();
$filterArray = array(“givenname”, “sn”);
$LDAPSEARCH = ldap_search($LDAPCON, “dc=rpi, dc=edu”, “(uid=” . phpCAS::getUser() . “)”, $filterArray, 0 , 10);
for ($i = 0; $i < $LDAPRESULTS[“count”]; $i++)
$tempRow = Array();
array_push($tempRow, $LDAPRESULTS[$i][“givenname”][0]);
array_push($tempRow, $LDAPRESULTS[$i][“sn”][0]);
array_push($ResultArray, $tempRow);

echo “User:” . phpCAS::getUser();
if (sizeof($ResultArray) == 1)
echo ” ” . $ResultArray[0][0] . ” ” . $ResultArray[0][1];
echo “<a href=’./logout.php’>Logout</a>”;
echo “<a href=’./login.php’>Login</a>”;



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