Windows Mobile 6.1 PopUp Work Around

WM6.1 Internet Explorer does not have support for multiple tabs/windows. So naturally, it blocks all popups. However, some sites require a popup to authenticate or to advance on in whatever you are trying to do. Here is an example situation from

WM 6.1 Internet Explorer Popup Blocker?

Hope that someone can help me…. I have Q9c running Mindows Mobile 6.1 and I need to disable the pop up blocker but don’t know how to. I’ve been all through the phone settings etc. but can’t see whether the phone even has it!! I use online banking alot and when I get into it, and after introducing my username and password, a new window is supposed to open but this pop up window does not show up. Instead of this a message shows up saying ” your pop up blocker is activated”…
Any sugestions?? Thanks a lot.:wink:

Many suggestions were download a different browser. But nowadays, WM6.1 is being phased out and the browsers have become unsupported. A work around that I stumbled upon requires that you have a physical keyboard.

  • Use the arrow keys to highlight the button that will initiate the popup.
  • Hold down the return key (enter key) until the popup opens within a new window.

Internet explorer will look like it’s freaking out, but hey you’ve been advanced to the next step. Note this has only been tested out on the Motorola MC9090 Inventory Handhelds.

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