Windows Mobile 6.1 PopUp Work Around

WM6.1 Internet Explorer does not have support for multiple tabs/windows. So naturally, it blocks all popups. However, some sites require a popup to authenticate or to advance on in whatever you are trying to do. Here is an example situation from

WM 6.1 Internet Explorer Popup Blocker?

Hope that someone can help me…. I have Q9c running Mindows Mobile 6.1 and I need to disable the pop up blocker but don’t know how to. I’ve been all through the phone settings etc. but can’t see whether the phone even has it!! I use online banking alot and when I get into it, and after introducing my username and password, a new window is supposed to open but this pop up window does not show up. Instead of this a message shows up saying ” your pop up blocker is activated”…
Any sugestions?? Thanks a lot.:wink:

Many suggestions were download a different browser. But nowadays, WM6.1 is being phased out and the browsers have become unsupported. A work around that I stumbled upon requires that you have a physical keyboard.

  • Use the arrow keys to highlight the button that will initiate the popup.
  • Hold down the return key (enter key) until the popup opens within a new window.

Internet explorer will look like it’s freaking out, but hey you’ve been advanced to the next step. Note this has only been tested out on the Motorola MC9090 Inventory Handhelds.

Duplicate Download Gallery v.01

I was going through all my photos the other day when I realized there were a lot of duplicates, I wanted to find a easy program that could find these. After some searching, I found a bunch of programs that worked, yet cost a good amount, and I didn’t see any that had the feature set I was looking for; including a list of the files which I could save, a method to move the duplicates to another folder, and customization. Along with most importantly I wanted a FREE duplicate file finder, not expensive one that did a simple job. So I made my own. This is version v0.01, the main function works well, the main interface is meh, but it works. More updates and features to come, but for one days work its good. Also I am going to be opening up some software in the future, including this one when its closer to completion. If you have any features you think of leave a comment, I was thinking about adding a preview for photos, music and maybe video. Saving, loading logs, delete all but one copy of file, not bad interface…


6to4 Adapter Cleaner, v1.60

This version brings a few fixes and new features, hence the version jump. Features Include:

  • Minimize to Tray when removal is working
  • Checks if already running on startup
  • Faster IPv6 detection for method 2
  • Slightly smaller



CUFU v1.00

Here is my latest little creation, CUFU, which stands for COM USB Finder Utility. The purpose is if you have to plug in and out a USB to COM port cable a lot and it changes which COM it is in windows, making you go to device manager, now you can run this, and hit the icon, and bam it will tell you. Right now it will tell you by default if “Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port” is plugged in, and which is the most recent. That can be changed, there is a updater. Its a standard one week project. Also I wanted art for the about page, “art” is stretching it for what I made.


Download (Requires .Net v2)


I am currently working on my A+ certification. As for the way of software, I am working on a new printer manager, mostly because my schools way of printing is horrible. I also have an idea to make a tool to fix a iTunes library, as in find missing files without going to each file. Finding duplicates, fixing artists names where there is a ‘ making all the songs split between “two artists”. Maybe converting a zune library to itunes and vice versa. I will look at taking files off a iPod touch/iPhone, but no promises.